Is Unfriended on Netflix?

That is a question that many horror movie fans have been asking since the film’s release in 2015.

The film, which follows a group of online friends who are terrorized by a mysterious presence, has become a cult classic in the horror genre. Unfortunately, while Unfriended is available on many streaming services such as Amazon Prime and iTunes, it is not currently available on Netflix.

The movie centers around Blaire, a high school student whose life is turned upside down after her best friend commits suicide. The group of friends soon realize that something strange is happening when they start receiving messages from an unknown user. They soon discover that the user is actually their deceased friend who is seeking revenge for her death.

Unfriended has become one of the most talked about horror films in recent years due to its unique concept and use of technology. It has been praised for its inventive use of online chat rooms and social media to create a suspenseful atmosphere. Despite its popularity, there are still no plans for Netflix to add Unfriended to their streaming library.

It is not uncommon for Netflix to be slow in adding certain films to their platform. Many fan-favorite titles such as Back To The Future, The Godfather, and The Dark Knight, were not available until years after their respective releases. Though there are no current plans for Unfriended to be added to Netflix, it may be worth keeping an eye out for any changes in the future.

In conclusion, Unfriended is not currently available on Netflix but may be added in the future. Until then, fans can still watch the movie through other streaming services such as Amazon Prime and iTunes.