Is Vera on Netflix or Amazon Prime?

Vera, a British crime drama created by writer and producer Paul Marquess, is a series that has been airing on ITV since 2011. Following the story of Detective Chief Inspector Vera Stanhope, played by Brenda Blethyn, the show follows her as she solves various cases in the North East of England.

The show has been highly praised for its strong female lead and the realistic portrayal of criminal investigations. It is also notable for its use of locations in the region to provide an authentic backdrop for the stories. As one critic put it: “Vera’s greatest strength lies in its detail – it’s as much about atmosphere and location as it is about plot.”

The show has gained a loyal fan base over its nine series, with viewers tuning in to follow Vera’s latest cases. But what if you can’t get enough of DCI Stanhope and want to watch more? Is Vera on Netflix or Amazon Prime?

Unfortunately, Vera is not available on either streaming platform at this time. However, all nine series are available to buy or rent from iTunes and other digital retailers like Google Play and Amazon Video. You can also purchase season passes from services like Sky Store or Virgin Media Store.

If you own a good old-fashioned DVD player, you can also purchase box sets of each series from online stores like Amazon or HMV. This way you can watch every episode without having to worry about missing any episodes or waiting for them to appear on streaming services.

Conclusion: Unfortunately, Vera is not currently available on either Netflix or Amazon Prime streaming services. However, it is available to buy or rent from various digital retailers and DVD box sets are also available if you have a DVD player at home.