Is Viasat Good for Netflix?

Viasat is an internet service provider that offers download speeds of up to 100 Mbps. It is a great option for those looking for a reliable, fast connection to stream Netflix.

Viasat is also known for its unlimited data plans, which can be beneficial if you’re a heavy Netflix user who streams multiple shows and movies at once.

Viasat’s speeds are more than enough to support streaming on Netflix. The best part?

Viasat doesn’t throttle your speed, so you can watch Netflix without any buffering or lags. This ensures that you get the best viewing experience possible. Additionally, Viasat’s unlimited data plans are great for binging on your favorite shows without worrying about exceeding your data limit.

In addition to providing great speeds and unlimited data, Viasat also offers special features like parental controls, so you can ensure that your kids are watching age-appropriate content on Netflix. It also provides WiFi hotspots in select areas, so you can easily connect to the internet while out and about.


Overall, Viasat is an excellent choice for streaming Netflix. Its fast speeds and unlimited data plans make it perfect for binge-watching shows and movies without any buffering or lags. Furthermore, the additional features like parental controls and WiFi hotspots help make it an even better choice.