Is War Movie on Netflix?

War movies are some of the most popular and beloved genres of films. And with the advent of streaming services like Netflix, it’s never been easier to watch these classic films.

Netflix has a wide variety of war-related films, allowing viewers to explore the many different aspects and perspectives of war.

The Netflix library includes a range of war movies from all eras and genres. From classic World War II films like Saving Private Ryan to modern thrillers like The Hurt Locker, there’s something for everyone.

Netflix also has documentaries about wars from different countries and eras, such as The Vietnam War or The Battle of Algiers. These documentaries provide an insightful look into the history and politics behind each conflict.

Netflix also offers plenty of recent war-related releases. Films like 1917, Dunkirk, Midway, Hacksaw Ridge, and 12 Strong provide an immersive experience into the battles and stories that defined some major conflicts in modern history. These films are often critically acclaimed and provide an emotional journey through their respective stories.

In addition to feature length films, Netflix also hosts a number of television series related to war. Shows such as Band Of Brothers, Generation Kill, The Pacific, or War Horse all offer compelling stories about various conflicts throughout history. These shows often go into great detail about both the battles as well as the personal stories behind them.


Netflix is a great place to find war movies for all ages and interests. It has an extensive library featuring classic films from different eras as well as modern releases.

It also has numerous TV series that explore various aspects of warfare in great detail. So if you’re looking for an entertaining way to explore this genre then Netflix is definitely worth checking out!