Is Whats Poppin a TikTok Song?

What’s Poppin, the latest hit from American rapper Jack Harlow, has taken TikTok by storm, with the song being used in countless videos. With over 7 million views on YouTube and over 200 million streams across all platforms, it’s no wonder why it has become so popular. But what’s the story behind this song and is it really a TikTok song?

What’s Poppin was released on May 1st 2020 and within just two weeks had gone viral on both YouTube and streaming services. The song features rappers DaBaby and Tory Lanez as well as singer-songwriter Lil Wayne, creating a catchy blend of hip-hop and rap. Jack Harlow himself penned the lyrics for What’s Poppin which focus on his own life experiences, such as his relationships with friends and family.

The success of What’s Poppin can be attributed to its catchy beat and lyrics which are perfect for TikTok videos. It has been used in numerous dances created by users of the app, many of which have gone viral with millions of views.

It is also often used in lip-sync videos where users lip-sync to the lyrics. In addition to this, many people have used What’s Poppin for their “soundtracks”, creating montages of their lives set to the infectious track.

Despite its success on TikTok, What’s Poppin is not exclusively a TikTok song – it is an incredibly popular track that has gained traction among all age groups due to its catchy beat and message. This can be seen through its success on streaming services such as Spotify where it has been streamed over 200 million times since its release.


Is Whats Poppin a TikTok song? The answer is yes – due to its catchy beat and uplifting message it has become a very popular song among users of the app. However, it should not be exclusive to TikTok, as its popularity extends far beyond just this platform.