Is Whole Foods Market Owned by Amazon?

Whole Foods Market has been a leader in the organic and natural foods industry since 1980, when it was founded in Austin, Texas. Today, it is the world’s largest retailer of natural and organic foods. The company is owned by Amazon and has become an integral part of Amazon’s larger portfolio of business interests.

Whole Foods Market is a major competitor in the U.S. grocery industry. Its stores are typically located in prime retail locations, such as shopping malls, urban centers, and suburban neighborhoods, often near upscale restaurants and other premium retailers. The stores offer organic produce, specialty meats and seafood, prepared foods, gourmet cheese selections, artisan breads and pastries, natural vitamins and supplements, beauty products, health foods, environmentally-friendly household cleaning products, pet supplies and more.

In 2017 Amazon acquired Whole Foods Market for $13.7 billion dollars – making it one of the largest acquisitions ever made by an Internet company at the time. After its acquisition by Amazon in 2017 Whole Foods Market became Amazon’s newest subsidiary while still maintaining its brand identity under John Mackey as CEO.

It began offering delivery through Amazon Prime Now in select markets with plans to expand into more markets over time. It also began offering exclusive discounts to Amazon Prime members at all stores across the U., including 10% off hundreds of sale items every day.

Whole Foods Market continues to expand its product range with new items being added regularly to meet changing customer demands for specialty items from around the world – including premium wines from Italy’s Tuscany region or olive oil from Greece’s Lesvos Island – as well as local favorites like Texas-grown pecans or New Mexico-sourced chiles.

Is Whole Foods Market Owned by Amazon?

Yes – Whole Foods Market is owned by Amazon since 2017 when it was acquired for $13.7 billion dollars.