Is Wishbone on Amazon Prime?

Wishbone is a streaming service that offers a unique selection of movies, TV shows, and original programming. The service has been around since 2018 and has been steadily growing in popularity. It offers an extensive library of content for subscribers to choose from and is available on various platforms, including Amazon Prime.

Wishbone’s catalog includes some of the top streaming titles from various genres, including action, comedy, drama, documentary films, and more. Subscribers have access to a wide range of classic films, contemporary shows from major networks and studios, and exclusive original programming produced specifically for the Wishbone platform. For those who want even more content there is also an extensive catalog of popular films and TV shows available through their pay-per-view feature.

One of the great things about Wishbone is that it is available on multiple platforms. This gives viewers the flexibility to watch their favorite movies or shows on the device they prefer, whether that’s a laptop computer or a smartphone. One of those platforms is Amazon Prime Video which allows subscribers to access Wishbone’s content library on any device with an Amazon Prime account.

In addition to being available on Amazon Prime Video, Wishbone also offers several other ways to watch its content. They have apps for both Android and iOS devices which allow users to stream or download their favorite movies or TV shows directly onto their phones or tablets. They also offer Chromecast support so viewers can cast their content directly from the app onto their television screens using Chromecast devices connected to their home Wi-Fi network.

As far as pricing goes, Wishbone does offer a variety of subscription plans for its customers depending on what kind of device they are using to access the service. There are different plans available for smartphones, tablets and computers as well as monthly packages for those who want access to all devices.


Is Wishbone on Amazon Prime? Yes! Wishbone is available on Amazon Prime Video which allows subscribers to access its extensive library of movies and TV shows on any device with an Amazon Prime account.