What App Is Like Procreate but Free?

What App Is Like Procreate but Free?

Procreate is a powerful and versatile drawing and painting app for iPad and iPhone. It has an intuitive user interface, powerful tools, and a library of amazing brushes.

But it’s not free. Many people are looking for an app that can do the same things as Procreate, but without the cost.

The good news is that there are several apps out there that offer similar features to Procreate. While they may not have all the bells and whistles of Procreate, they have enough to make them worth considering.

One such app is Autodesk SketchBook. It’s a professional-level drawing and painting program with many of the same features as Procreate.

It has layers, blending modes, advanced brushes, selection tools, symmetry tools, and more. It also supports pressure sensitivity for those who want to use a stylus or other type of input device.

Another great option is MediBang Paint Pro. This app was designed with comic book artists in mind but can be used for all kinds of digital art projects.

It comes with a wide range of brushes, textures, and special effects that make it easy to create stunning artwork quickly and easily. Plus it’s totally free!

Then there’s Krita Desktop which is a full-featured open source painting program with support for high-resolution canvases up to 4k resolution! It also comes with an extensive brush library and lots of layer options so you can customize your artwork just the way you want it.

Finally, we have Adobe Fresco which is part of Adobe’s Creative Cloud suite of apps. While Fresco isn’t free per se (you need an Adobe subscription to use it) it does offer some amazing features like Live Brushes which mimic real media such as watercolors and oils on canvas! Plus it has lots of other great features like vector-based brushes, gradient tools, selection tools, layers and more!

There are many other great apps out there that offer similar features to Procreate without the hefty price tag attached. Whether you’re just starting out or an experienced artist looking for something new to try out – these apps are worth checking out!

Conclusion: There are several apps available on the market that offer similar features to Procreate without the price tag attached – Autodesk SketchBook, MediBang Paint Pro, Krita Desktop & Adobe Fresco being some of them – so if you’re looking for something like Procreate but free – these might be worth checking out!