What App Writes Essays for You for Free?

Writing an essay is a difficult yet rewarding task. It requires creativity, research, and critical thinking. Most importantly, it takes time to complete. It’s understandable that students may want an easier solution to their essay writing woes. Fortunately, there are apps that can help with this problem – what app writes essays for you for free?

Essay writer apps provide a way for students to get help with their writing tasks without having to pay a fee. These apps typically include a library of pre-written essays and templates which can be customized to suit the individual’s needs. The user can then select the template they wish to use and adjust the content accordingly.

Many of these apps also offer editing services which can be used to refine the essay further. Additionally, some essay writer apps also provide automated scoring systems which can grade the essay quickly and accurately.

Using an app to write essays has many advantages over traditional methods of writing essays. Firstly, it saves time as users do not have to spend hours researching or writing their essay from scratch. Secondly, it helps students develop their writing skills by allowing them to experiment with different formats and styles of writing without having to worry about making mistakes or plagiarizing someone else’s work. Thirdly, these apps are often more affordable than hiring a professional editor or tutor for help with an essay project.


In conclusion, what app writes essays for you for free is a great way for students who need help with their writing assignments but don’t have the funds or time available for traditional methods of completing them. It allows users to access pre-written essays and customize them according to their own needs while also offering editing services and automated scoring systems which make it easier than ever before to get an A+ on any assignment.