What Are the Top 10 Series to Watch on Netflix?

Netflix is one of the most popular streaming services for television series. It has a wide range of shows to choose from, from classic sitcoms to new original programming.

With so much to watch, it can be hard to know where to start. So here are some of the top 10 series to watch on Netflix.

1. Stranger Things

Stranger Things is one of Netflix’s most popular original series.

This show has gained an almost cult-like following and continues to be a fan favorite. It follows a small town in Indiana as they battle supernatural forces and monsters from another dimension.

2. The Crown

The Crown is an historical drama series that follows the reign of Queen Elizabeth II over a span of six decades. It stars Claire Foy as Queen Elizabeth and John Lithgow as Winston Churchill, and it’s sure to be captivating for anyone interested in British history or the monarchy.

3. House of Cards

House of Cards is an American political drama series that follows Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) and his wife Claire (Robin Wright) as they navigate the corrupt world of Washington politics. It’s full of intrigue, power struggles, and drama, making it perfect for anyone who loves a good political thriller.

4. Orange Is The New Black

Orange Is The New Black is another popular Netflix Original Series. It follows Piper Chapman (Taylor Schilling) as she adjusts to life in prison after being sentenced for a crime she committed ten years prior.

The show is full of humor and heart, making it great for anyone looking for something light yet meaningful.

5. Narcos

Narcos is an intense crime drama about the drug cartels in Colombia during the 1980s and 1990s. It stars Wagner Moura as Pablo Escobar and follows his rise to power while also exploring themes such as loyalty, corruption, and greed.

6 . Mindhunter < br >
< p > Mindhunter is a psychological crime thriller set in 1979 that focuses on FBI agents Holden Ford (Jonathan Groff ) and Bill Tench (Holt McCallany ) who interview convicted serial killers in order to gain insight into criminal behavior .

It ‘s dark , suspenseful , and thought – provoking , making it perfect for those looking for something with depth .

< b > 7 . Black Mirror < br >
< p > Black Mirror is an anthology series created by Charlie Brooker that explores modern society through a dark lens .

Each episode presents us with a different story that delves into ideas such as technology , love , relationships , privacy , etc . This show can be both eerie and thought – provoking at times , making it perfect for people who want something different than your typical series .

< b > 8 . Breaking Bad < br >
< p > Breaking Bad is one of the most critically acclaimed shows on television .

This drama follows Walter White ( Bryan Cranston ) as he transforms from mild – mannered chemistry teacher into ruthless drug kingpin . This show has gripping moments throughout its five seasons , making it perfect for those looking for something thrilling yet character – driven .

< b > 9 . BoJack Horseman < br >
< p > BoJack Horseman is an animated comedy about a washed – up former sitcom star with some personal issues trying to make his way back into Hollywood stardom while also dealing with his inner demons .

While this show may appear lighthearted on the surface , it deals with serious topics such as depression , addiction , loneliness , etc .

< b > 10 . The Office < br >
< p style="font-weight:bold">The Office

is one of the most beloved sitcoms ever made and still remains popular today due its wit, humor, charm,and lovable characters.It’s sure to bring you plenty laughs while also tugging at your heartstrings at times.


Netflix offers plenty great TV series worth watching so choosing just ten was quite difficult! However these are some great picks if you’re looking for something good binge watch on Netflix! From Stranger Things’ supernatural elements, Orange Is The New Black’s humor & heartwarming moments; House Of Cards & Breaking Bad’s thrilling storylines; Mindhunter & Black Mirror’s thought provoking themes; Narcos’ intense crime drama; The Crown & BoJack Horseman’s explorationof modern day issues; The Office’s witty humour & lovable characters; this list has them all!