What Are WhatsApp Stickers?

WhatsApp stickers are a fun way to express yourself and add a bit of personality to your conversations. They are large, bold images that you can send to anyone with the app. Whether it’s a funny cartoon, an inspirational quote, or your favorite celebrity, WhatsApp stickers can help you express yourself in ways that words alone cannot.

The stickers are easy to find and use. There is an ever-growing library of stickers available from the sticker store within the app.

You can also create your own sticker packs using your own photos or illustrations. Once you have created your sticker pack, you can share it with anyone who has the app. This makes WhatsApp stickers perfect for expressing yourself in any situation.

WhatsApp stickers offer several advantages over traditional emojis and GIFs. They are larger, brighter and more colorful than emojis, making them more eye-catching and memorable.

They also allow for more flexibility in design since they can be customized with photos or drawings of your own creation. In addition, they have a wider range of expressions than emojis and GIFs so you can accurately convey what you are feeling or thinking at any given moment.

Using WhatsApp Stickers

Using WhatsApp stickers is easy! All you need to do is tap on the sticker icon in the conversation window to find all available stickers for that conversation.

You can browse through all available sticker packs or search for specific ones to find just what you need for any conversation scenario. Once you select a sticker, it will appear in the conversation immediately and can be seen by everyone involved in that chat thread!

Creating Your Own Sticker Pack

Creating your own personalized sticker pack is also simple! To do so, just go into Settings > Stickers & Emoji > Create Your Own Sticker Pack where you will be prompted to upload photos or illustrations from your device’s photo library or camera roll as well as enter text associated with each image if desired (this step is optional). Once completed, click “Create” and then name it if desired before sharing it with all of those who have the app!


WhatsApp stickers are a great way to bring some life into conversations by expressing yourself with bright and colorful images instead of relying solely on words alone! With their easy access within the app as well as their ability to be customized with personal photos or artwork, they offer users an unparalleled level of creativity when communicating with friends or family no matter where they may be located around the world!

What Are WhatsApp Stickers? They are an easy way to express yourself through vibrant images that speak louder than words!