What Happens if You Archive a Chat on WhatsApp?

WhatsApp has become one of the most popular messaging apps available, and it continues to grow in usage. When using WhatsApp, users can archive a chat to keep their conversations organized and easily find old conversations. But what exactly happens when you archive a chat on WhatsApp?

Archiving a chat on WhatsApp simply means that the conversation will be moved out of your main chats list and into a special folder called “Archived Chats.” This folder is found under the “Chats” tab in the app. The archived conversation will still be available if you want to look at it again, but it won’t appear in your main chats list.

When you archive a chat, all of the messages and media associated with that conversation will still be there, but they won’t appear in your main chats list. You can also unarchive a conversation if you want to move it back into your main list of chats. Anything that was sent before archiving will remain intact even after unarchiving.

Archiving a chat can come in handy if you want to organize your chats better or just want to hide some conversations from view. It’s especially useful if you have too many conversations going on at once, as archiving them will make them easier to find when you need them later on.

It’s important to note that archiving a chat does not delete it or its contents from WhatsApp – all messages and media associated with the conversation will still be stored on the app’s servers even after archiving. You can delete individual messages within an archived chat if you wish, but deleting an entire conversation requires unarchiving it first and then deleting it from the main chats list.

In conclusion, archiving a chat on WhatsApp simply moves the conversation out of your main chats list and into an Archive folder so you can keep your conversations more organized or hide some conversations from view without deleting them entirely. All messages and media associated with an archived conversation are still stored on WhatsApp’s servers even after archiving.