What Happens When You Pre-Save a Song on Spotify?

The ability to pre-save a song on Spotify is one of the latest features offered by the streaming service. Spotify allows users to pre-save songs in advance of their release date, allowing them to enjoy new music on the day of its release.

Pre-saving a song gives users the chance to get access to an artist’s new music before anyone else, as well as helping the artist to promote their work.

When you pre-save a song on Spotify, you are essentially reserving an advance copy of that song in your library. The song will be available for instant playback when it is released – no waiting around for it to show up in your playlist or library! The benefit of this is that you won’t miss out on any new music from your favorite artists and can enjoy it as soon as it is released.

Pre-saving a song also allows the artist whose music you are listening to reach more followers and potential fans. By pre-saving a song, your friends and followers will be able to see that you are listening to the track and may be more likely to listen themselves – increasing its reach and popularity. It also helps the artist with their analytics – pre-saving assists them in understanding how many people have already listened to their music, giving them an indication of how successful their release may be.

When you pre-save a song on Spotify, it’s stored in your library so you can find it easily when it’s released. You’ll also receive notifications when the track is released so you can start listening straight away – no waiting around for it! Additionally, if you’re using Spotify Connect with other devices like speakers or smart TVs then you’ll be able to hear your pre-saved tracks through those devices too.

In Conclusion:

Pre-saving songs on Spotify is an excellent way for both listeners and artists alike. Listeners get access to new music before anyone else and can receive notifications when it’s released so they don’t miss out, while artists gain valuable insight into how popular their latest releases are likely to be.