What Is MHz Choice on Amazon Prime?

MHz Choice is an Amazon Prime streaming service that offers a wide selection of international films and television shows. It includes content from over 20 countries, including Japan, France, Italy, Spain, and Germany. MHz Choice offers viewers a unique opportunity to explore the world of film and television from a different perspective.

In addition to offering its own programming, MHz Choice also serves as an aggregator for international content from other streaming services. This means that viewers can access films and TV shows from a variety of sources in one place. This gives viewers the chance to discover new films and series without having to switch between services.

The library of content on MHz Choice is constantly growing with new titles added every month. The selection includes classic films and TV shows as well as newer releases.

There are also a variety of genres available, ranging from drama to comedy to action/adventure. The majority of titles on the service are in their original language with English subtitles available for those who prefer them.

In addition to providing access to great international content, MHz Choice also offers exclusive original programming. These shows are produced by MHz Networks and feature stories that are not available anywhere else.

One key benefit of subscribing to MHz Choice is that it’s included with any Amazon Prime membership at no additional cost. This makes it easy for existing Prime members to access this great selection of international content without having to sign up for another service or pay any extra fees.


MHz Choice on Amazon Prime is a fantastic way to explore international films and television shows from around the world in one convenient place. It offers an extensive library of titles as well as exclusive original programming produced by MHz Networks. Best of all, it’s free with an Amazon Prime membership so existing members can enjoy all this great content without any additional cost or hassle.