What Is That Weird Song on TikTok?

TikTok is known for its fresh and quirky music, but there’s one song that has been making the rounds on the app for months. It’s called “What Is That Weird Song?

“, and it’s quickly becoming a meme sensation. The song was created by artist Sway.G and it features a catchy beat and a strange chorus that has been stuck in people’s heads since they first heard it.

The song has an upbeat tempo that makes it impossible to ignore, and its lyrics are jam-packed with references to popular culture. The chorus of the song is particularly noteworthy, as it goes: “What is that weird song?

What is that weird song? I don’t know what’s going on.” This odd combination of words captures the confusion many people feel when they hear the song for the first time.

The video for “What Is That Weird Song?” features Sway.G dressed in a variety of costumes, including a superhero, a clown, and an astronaut.

He dances around in these costumes while singing the lyrics to the song, making for an entertaining viewing experience. As soon as the video was released on TikTok, viewers began creating their own versions of it using different costumes and settings.

The popularity of “What Is That Weird Song?” has grown exponentially over the past few months as more people become aware of it and start creating their own versions of the video. It has even spawned its own hashtag on TikTok which allows users to easily search for new versions of the video being made by other users.

This unique song has become so popular because it appeals to so many different people with its strange mix of humor, music, and references to popular culture. It’s definitely one of those songs that you can’t help but sing along to once you’ve heard it!

In conclusion, ‘What Is That Weird Song?’ by Sway G is quickly becoming one of TikTok’s most recognizable songs thanks to its catchy beat and quirky lyrics. It’s become so popular because it appeals to different types of people with its strange mix of humor, music, and references to popular culture – making it impossible not to enjoy!