What Is the 90s Song on TikTok?

The 90s Song on TikTok is an absolute classic. It’s a song that has been used in countless TikTok videos to provide the perfect soundtrack for many of the dances, lip-syncs, and other forms of content that have made the platform such a hit.

The song itself is a timeless piece of music that hails from the 1990s and was originally released by American rock band Bon Jovi. The song titled “It’s My Life” was written by Jon Bon Jovi, Richie Sambora, and Max Martin and was released as the lead single from their seventh album “Crush”.

The song instantly became a massive hit upon its release in 2000, with its catchy guitar riffs and lyrics that speak to living life on one’s own terms. It quickly became an anthem for many people, with its message resonating around the world.

The 90s Song on TikTok has seen a resurgence in popularity recently due to its use in many of the videos posted on the platform. One particular dance challenge featuring this song has become incredibly popular as users post their own versions of this dance and tag their friends to join in too.

It’s no wonder why it continues to be used in so many different types of videos today – it’s an instantly recognizable classic that conveys an invaluable message about living life for yourself which is something we can all relate to.


What Is the 90s Song on TikTok? The 90s Song on TikTok is “It’s My Life” by Bon Jovi which has become incredibly popular due to its use in countless TikTok videos over the past few years. Its message about living life for yourself resonates with viewers all over the world and makes it a timeless classic that will likely be enjoyed for many years to come.