What Is the Best Free Bird App?

If you’re an avid bird watcher, you’ve probably already heard of the best free bird app available today: iBird Pro. iBird Pro is a comprehensive reference guide to birds and their habitats that can be used on both iOS and Android devices.

It is the perfect tool for anyone who wants to identify and learn more about the birds they see in their own backyard or on trips to local nature reserves.

iBird Pro is incredibly easy to use and comes with an impressive range of features. It contains identification information for over 800 species of birds from across North America, including detailed descriptions, photographs, vocalizations, range maps, and much more. For those who are really serious about birding, it also includes a powerful search engine that can be used to quickly find any bird species by its common or scientific name.

The app also includes a comprehensive list of birding hotspots in the United States and Canada complete with directions, contact information and reviews from other birders. This feature makes it easy for users to find nearby places where they can go looking for their favorite species or explore new ones. Additionally, iBird Pro includes integrated links to eBird – an online database that tracks sightings around the world – so you can see what birds have been spotted recently in your area.

For those who are new to bird watching or just want to brush up on their skills, iBird Pro also provides detailed tutorials on how to identify birds by sight or sound as well as tips on how to take better photos of them. Additionally, it contains a variety of tools such as field guides, checklists and quizzes which are great for learning more about different species.

In conclusion, iBird Pro is undoubtedly one of the best free bird apps available today. It offers a comprehensive range of features which make it an invaluable resource for both novice and experienced birders alike. Whether you’re looking for identification help or want to find new places to explore, this app has everything you need!