What Is the Best Free Night Sky App?

When it comes to stargazing and finding out more about the night sky, there is no shortage of apps available. From virtual planetariums to astronomy guides, there are plenty of apps that can help you explore the night sky from your phone or tablet. But with so many options, which one is the best free night sky app?

SkyView is one of the most popular free night sky apps available. It uses augmented reality technology to show you the constellations, stars, planets and other cosmic objects in real-time as you look up at the night sky.

The app also includes an interactive map so you can easily locate objects and explore their locations. What’s more, SkyView has an extensive library of information on stars and galaxies, as well as a built-in camera so you can take photos of what you see in the night sky.

Star Chart is another great free night sky app that is popular among amateur astronomers. It uses your device’s location and time to provide an accurate map of what’s in the night sky at any given moment.

You can use Star Chart to identify stars, planets and other celestial bodies with a few taps on your screen. The app also features an extensive library of facts about different astronomical objects, making it a great tool for learning more about space.

Stellarium Mobile is another excellent free night sky app for stargazers and amateur astronomers alike. It features a realistic 3D representation of the night sky that shows stars, constellations, planets and other celestial bodies in stunning detail.

You can use Stellarium Mobile to explore different parts of the universe or search for specific celestial objects with its easy-to-use search feature. Additionally, Stellarium Mobile includes useful information about each object so you can learn more about them as you explore the skies above.


When it comes to choosing a free night sky app, all three options – SkyView, Star Chart and Stellarium Mobile – offer something unique that will appeal to different users depending on their preferences and needs. Ultimately though, all three apps are excellent choices for anyone looking for an easy way to explore the universe from their own backyard.