What Is the Best Free Scanning App?

When it comes to data protection, scanning apps have been a popular choice for many people. They provide the ability to scan documents and images and save them in digital format.

This makes it easier to store, view, and share documents without having to worry about physical copies. But with so many scanning apps available, it can be hard to know which one is the best.

The best free scanning app is one that provides an easy-to-use interface and accurate results. It should also have features that allow users to edit and enhance scanned documents or images before saving them. Additionally, the app should come with a variety of tools for editing scanned files, such as cropping, rotating, and adding text or watermarks.

Another important feature is the ability to export scanned files into various formats. This allows users to save their scans in PDFs or other file types so they can be shared easily with others. Furthermore, a good scanning app should also offer cloud storage options so users can access their scans on any device.

One of the most popular free scanning apps is Adobe Scan. This app provides a simple interface for quickly capturing images or documents and automatically turning them into high-quality PDFs. It has all the features mentioned above, such as editing tools and cloud storage options.

Another great choice is Microsoft Office Lens. This app has all of the same features as Adobe Scan but also offers additional options such as OCR (Optical Character Recognition) which makes it easier to extract text from images or documents. The app also supports multiple languages, making it useful for those who need to scan documents in different languages.


When it comes to choosing a free scanning app, there are several factors to consider including ease-of-use, accuracy of results, editing capabilities, file types supported and cloud storage options. Two of the best free scanning apps are Adobe Scan and Microsoft Office Lens as they both provide excellent features while remaining completely free to use.