What Is the Dance That Everyone Is Doing on TikTok?

TikTok has become one of the most popular platforms for sharing short videos. It has become an incredibly influential platform, with users creating trendsetting content that is quickly copied and emulated by others.

One of the biggest trends on TikTok right now is a dance called “The Renegade. “

The Renegade dance was created by 14-year-old Jalaiah Harmon and popularized in 2019 when it was featured in a video by TikTok user @KiMMiE_LiMMBo. Since then, the dance has been replicated by millions of users around the world, making it one of the most popular dances on TikTok.

The Renegade consists of nine moves that are repeated throughout the duration of the song. The song itself is called “Lottery” by rapper K Camp and has a catchy beat that many people find easy to learn and follow along with. The steps involve arm movements, hip rolls, and foot shuffles as well as clapping.

The Renegade has taken over other social media platforms as well, being shared on Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, Twitter, and more. Famous celebrities such as Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, and Cardi B have all posted their own versions of the dance on their social media accounts.

TikTok users have even created their own versions, incorporating props such as chairs or umbrellas into their routine to create something unique. Some users have even added their own twist to the dance by adding different moves or changing up certain steps. This has allowed people to be creative with their choreography and express themselves through movement.

The Renegade has become an iconic dance on TikTok and it shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. It’s easy to learn yet challenging enough to give dancers plenty of room for creativity. With millions of people doing it every day, it’s no wonder why The Renegade is the dance that everyone is doing on TikTok!

What Is The Dance That Everyone Is Doing On TikTok? The answer is clear – it’s The Renegade!

This nine-step dance created by 14-year-old Jalaiah Harmon has taken over not just TikTok but other social media platforms too. From celebrities to everyday people alike, everyone is getting in on this trend due to its catchy beat and ability to express creativity through movement. Whether you’re looking for something fun to do or want to join in with everyone else on this worldwide trend – The Renegade should be your go-to!