What Is the Dog Trend on TikTok?

The Dog Trend on TikTok is a unique set of viral videos created by people who have adopted or rescued dogs, known as dogfluencers. These influencers use their furry friends to create content that is both entertaining and informative, often educating their followers on topics such as dog nutrition, behavior, health and more.

The Dog Trend has really taken off in recent years with the rise of TikTok as a platform for content creators to showcase their talents. People who are passionate about their pets can now share their stories with a larger audience, giving them an opportunity to make a difference in the world of animal welfare. To date, there are over 200 million videos created within the DogTrend community on TikTok.

Popular influencers such as @doodles_of_love and @dogmomsquad have garnered millions of followers by creating engaging content that focuses on the daily lives of their furry friends. From funny skits to educational clips about pet care, these influencers share stories that are sure to put a smile on your face.

In addition to providing entertainment for pet owners around the world, the Dog Trend has also been used as a platform for animal rescue organizations to increase awareness about adoption and responsible pet ownership. Organizations like @rescuepetsofinstagram use TikTok to showcase adoptable animals in need of homes, encouraging people to become more involved in rescuing animals in need.


The Dog Trend on TikTok is an inspiring example of how people can use technology and social media platforms for good. By combining entertainment with education and advocacy, these influencers have created an online community where everyone can learn about responsible pet ownership and make a difference in the lives of animals in need.