What Is the Most Liked Playlist on Spotify?

Spotify is a streaming service that offers a wide range of audio content from music to podcasts. It is one of the most popular streaming services in the world and has millions of users. With such a large user base, it’s no surprise that Spotify has some of the most liked playlists on its platform.

The most liked playlists on Spotify are often those that have been around for a while and have become well-known amongst users. Popular genres such as hip-hop, rock, pop, EDM, and country are all featured in many of the top-rated playlists on the platform. Some of these include Rap Caviar, Today’s Top Hits, Hot Country, and Dance Remixes.

It’s not just genre-based playlists that are highly rated by users. Playlists with specific themes or topics can also be highly rated by users.

These include workout-themed playlists like Workout Mixes or running-themed playlists like Run Wild. Other popular themed playlists include chill out music like Chill Vibes or driving music like Road Trip Music.

In addition to individual playlists created by Spotify users, there are also official Spotify curated collections which feature some of the best songs from various artists and genres. These collections are often updated regularly to ensure they stay up to date with new releases and popular trends in music.

Finally, some of the most liked playlists on Spotify come from artists themselves who create their own custom collections for fans to enjoy. These can range from an artist’s personal favorites or even their own original tracks.


What is the most liked playlist on Spotify? From genre-based selections to themed collections to artist’s personal favorites – there is no single answer as it all depends on individual preference! However, given its popularity among millions of users around the world it’s safe to say that any playlist featured on Spotify is sure to be enjoyed by many!