What Is the Oh No Song From TikTok?

The Oh No Song is a popular TikTok trend that has been sweeping the platform in recent weeks. The trend is based around a song by producer and artist YBN Cordae and features an upbeat, energetic beat and catchy lyrics. The song has been featured in countless videos on TikTok, with users dancing to the track or lip-syncing its lyrics.

The song itself is a playful look at relationships and breakups, with the hook being “Oh no, oh no, oh no, oh no”. It’s a fun track that’s easy to dance to and has become an instant hit with TikTok users. The song has even spawned its own hashtag on the platform, with users adding #ohnosong to their videos featuring it.

The Oh No Song isn’t just popular on TikTok; it’s also gained traction on other streaming platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music. It’s currently the 20th most popular song on Spotify in the US and has accumulated over 13 million streams so far. On Apple Music, it’s currently the 11th most popular Hip-Hop/Rap track in the US.

YBN Cordae himself has seen huge success since releasing the track; he was even featured on Jimmy Fallon’s show recently where he performed his hit single “RNP” featuring Anderson .Paak. YBN Cordae has become one of hip-hop’s rising stars and his music is resonating with audiences everywhere.

Overall, the Oh No Song from TikTok is an instant hit that continues to gain momentum every day. Fans are loving its upbeat energy and YBN Cordae’s unique style of rap that blends old school vibes with modern production techniques. With its catchy hook and lively beat, it looks like this song will be stuck in everyone’s heads for some time to come!


The ‘Oh No’ song from TikTok is quickly becoming a viral sensation among fans of all ages thanks to its upbeat energy and catchy hook by YBN Cordae. Its popularity continues to grow each day as more people discover it on streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music; it even scored an appearance on Jimmy Fallon’s show! All signs point to this being an enduring hit for some time to come!