What Is the Song From TikTok Called?

The song from TikTok that has been gaining attention lately is called “Old Town Road”. It was written and initially released by Lil Nas X in December of 2018. The song has since gone viral, garnering over 200 million streams across all platforms and breaking the record for most weeks atop the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

The success of “Old Town Road” can be attributed to its unique blend of country and rap, as well as its catchy chorus. Lil Nas X worked with producer YoungKio to create the track, which features samples from Nine Inch Nails’ “34 Ghosts IV” and a spoken-word introduction from rapper Young Thug. While the track has been praised for its innovative sound, it has also been criticized for being too similar to country songs that have come before it.

The popularity of “Old Town Road” has led to many remixes and covers of the song. Artists such as Billy Ray Cyrus, Diplo, BTS, and even Elmo have all released versions of the track.

The remix featuring Cyrus was especially successful, helping the song reach No. 1 on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart for a record-breaking 19 weeks straight.

The success of “Old Town Road” is an example of how powerful social media can be in creating a hit song. The track went viral after being shared on TikTok over 2 million times and was even featured in a lip-sync challenge that helped propel it further into mainstream consciousness.

Overall, “Old Town Road” is an example of how powerful music can be when it combines different genres and styles into something unique. The track’s ability to go viral on social media platforms like TikTok shows just how influential digital music can be in today’s world.


In conclusion, the song from TikTok called “Old Town Road” is a perfect example of how music can become popular through social media networks such as TikTok. Written by Lil Nas X and produced by YoungKio, this innovative blend of rap and country has become one of the biggest hits in recent memory due to its catchy chorus and clever samples from other songs.