What Is the TikTok Fortnite Song Called?

The TikTok Fortnite song is called ‘Take the L’ and it’s a song all about the popular game, Fortnite. The song was created by two brothers, Adam and Matt Lomas, who are both avid gamers. The song was released in 2018 and has since gone on to become a massive hit on TikTok, with over 3 million views on YouTube.

The song itself is an upbeat electronic dance track that features a catchy hook and some playful lyrics about the game. With lyrics such as “Let’s take the L, let’s take it now, let’s take it to the top!” it’s easy to see why this song has become so popular with gamers and TikTok users alike.

The music video for ‘Take the L’ also features some of Fortnite’s most iconic characters dancing along to the upbeat track. This has helped make the video go viral on social media platforms like TikTok, where users have been creating their own versions of the dance moves seen in the video.

The popularity of ‘Take the L’ has also seen it become an anthem for professional gamers, with teams playing it at events and even using its lyrics as team mottos. The song has even been used as part of promotional campaigns for some of Fortnite’s biggest tournaments and events.

The success of ‘Take the L’ has made Adam and Matt Lomas two of gaming’s biggest stars, with their songs being streamed millions of times across different platforms. Their success story is proof that you can reach great heights if you put your heart into something you love doing – in this case, making music about gaming!


So what is the TikTok Fortnite Song called? It’s called ‘Take The L’ and it’s a popular electronic dance track created by brothers Adam and Matt Lomas which has gone on to become an anthem for professional gamers around the world. With its catchy beats and playful lyrics about gaming, it’s no surprise that ‘Take The L’ has become so successful!