What Is USA Country Code for WhatsApp?

The USA Country Code for WhatsApp is +1. It is the code used to identify the country when communicating with people from other countries, in this case the United States.

The +1 prefix is used for international dialing, and for many international phone networks it is the default country code to use when calling a number from a different country. For instance, if you were calling someone in the United States from a phone in France, you would need to add +1 before their number to make sure your call was routed properly.

The USA Country Code for WhatsApp is also used to identify users on the platform. When setting up your account, you will be asked to enter your country code so that WhatsApp can determine your current location and offer services such as localized chat rooms or local news updates. This information helps WhatsApp tailor its offerings and ensure that users are connected with content that’s relevant to them.

WhatsApp also uses the USA Country Code as part of its security measures. This code helps protect user accounts from being compromised by hackers or scammers who may try to gain access by pretending they are from another country. By verifying each user’s location with their country code, WhatsApp can help protect its users from online threats.


The USA Country Code for WhatsApp is +1 and it is used for both international dialing and identifying users on the platform. This code helps protect users by verifying their location, offering localized content, and preventing hackers from gaining access to accounts.