What Should a 12 Year Old Watch on Netflix?

Netflix is a great way for children of all ages to find something to watch. With its vast selection of content, Netflix provides parents with an opportunity to ensure their children are watching appropriate material.

For 12 year olds, there are many options available ranging from comedy and dramas to documentaries and animated features.

Comedies – Comedies are always a hit with younger viewers. Netflix has some great choices such as The Addams Family, Paddington 2, The Princess Bride, and Home Alone. These films provide lighthearted laughs that everyone in the family can enjoy.

Dramas – There are also many great dramas available for 12 year olds on Netflix. Movies like The Hunger Games, Coco, Wonder, and The Fault in Our Stars are great choices for older children seeking more mature content.

Documentaries and Educational Content – Netflix also has some great documentaries and educational content for 12 year olds. Films like Inside Out, Blackfish, and 13th explore important topics in a way that is engaging and informative. There are also shows like the Emmy-nominated series < u >Explained which takes complex topics and breaks them down into easily understandable components.

Animated Features – Animated features have always been popular with kids of all ages, and Netflix has plenty of them. Movies like < u >The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part , < u >How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World , < u >Incredibles 2 Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse < b >Conclusion: What Should a 12 Year Old Watch on Netflix? < / p >< p >Netflix offers a wide variety of content suitable for 12 year old viewers.

From comedies to dramas, documentaries to animated features, there is something for everyone on the streaming service. Parents can be sure that their children will find something age-appropriate and entertaining on Netflix.