What Song Is Everyone Dancing to on TikTok?

The latest dance sensation to hit the internet is none other than TikTok. The app, which is growing in popularity, has become a hotbed for creative and unique dance moves. From the ‘Renegade’ to the ‘Savage’ challenge, there is no shortage of moves that users have come up with. As such, it should come as no surprise that the app has also become a go-to spot for discovering new songs and dance trends.

One of the biggest songs on TikTok right now is Laxed (Siren Beat) by Jawsh 685 ft. Jason Derulo. This upbeat track was created by Jawsh 685, a 16-year-old producer from New Zealand. The song quickly gained popularity after it was used in several popular TikTok trends, such as the #sirenbeatchallenge.

Since then, it has been featured in countless videos and has even spawned its own genre of music – Siren Beat.

Another song that has taken over TikTok is Say So by Doja Cat. This catchy pop song was released in 2019 but didn’t gain mainstream attention until it was used in TikTok’s #saysochallenge earlier this year. The challenge encouraged people to recreate Doja Cat’s iconic choreography from the music video, which quickly went viral and sparked a global dance craze.

Rosa, by Tainy ft J Balvin & El Alfa is another big hit on TikTok. This Latin track was released back in May 2020 but didn’t gain much attention until it became popular on the app due to its infectious beat and catchy chorus. Since then, users have been creating their own choreography to this song and sharing it with their followers.

Blinding Lights, by The Weeknd, is yet another song that has taken over TikTok recently. This upbeat track was released back in November 2019 but didn’t really take off until people started using it for various challenges on the app – such as the #blindinglightschallenge and #theweekndchallenge – both of which encouraged users to recreate The Weeknd’s signature choreography from the music video.

These are just some of the many songs that have been taking over TikTok lately. With each one comes its own unique dance challenge or trend that users can participate in – making for an ever-evolving platform where creativity thrives.

At any given time, many different songs will be popular on TikTok – however currently “Laxed (Siren Beat)” by Jawsh 685 ft. Jason Derulo is taking everyone’s breath away with its infectious beat and signature dance moves.


It’s clear that “Laxed (Siren Beat)”, by Jawsh 685 ft. Jason Derulo is currently everyone’s favorite dance tune on TikTok due to its upbeat tempo and unique choreography!