What Song Is This TikTok Sound?

TikTok is a widely popular social media platform with millions of users around the world. It’s a great way for people to express themselves and share their creativity with others.

One of the most recognizable features of TikTok is its library of sound effects and songs. Many users are familiar with the sounds used in TikTok videos, but they may not know where they come from or what their name is. This article will explain how to figure out what song is playing in a TikTok video.

The first step in identifying a song playing in a TikTok video is to listen closely to the sound. Pay attention to any lyrics or musical motifs that stand out.

Then, open up the search bar on your music streaming service of choice and type in any words or phrases you remember from the song. You can also search for keywords related to the song, such as its genre, artist, or year of release.

Once you have some potential matches, listen through them until you find the correct one. If you can’t find it yourself, you can also use the hashtag feature on TikTok to your advantage.

Search for #whatsongisthis and add any relevant information about the song (its title, artist, etc.) into your post so that other users can help you identify it.

You can also use websites such as Midomi or Shazam to identify songs playing in TikTok videos. Both sites allow users to hum or sing snippets of a song into their microphones and then match it against their vast databases of music. The results will usually include details about the song’s title, artist, album, and more.


Figuring out what song is playing in a TikTok video doesn’t have to be difficult if you know where to look. You can use online music streaming services and websites like Midomi or Shazam to search for potential matches based on keywords or snippets of audio. You can also post on TikTok using #whatsongisthis and get help from other users who might know what song it is.