What Type of Felons Does Amazon Hire?

When it comes to hiring felons, Amazon is one of the few companies that has taken a step in the right direction. With its ‘Second Chance’ policy, Amazon makes the effort to hire felons who have served their time and are looking for a chance to start over.

Though it is not easy for a felon to get hired, Amazon does not completely exclude them from consideration. In fact, the company has even gone so far as to hire some convicted felons who have demonstrated that they are willing to make a positive contribution to society.

The Second Chance policy applies to all types of felonies and allows felons who meet certain criteria to be considered for employment. These criteria include: completing any court-imposed sentences, demonstrating good behavior since the conviction and applying with an up-to-date resume.

The types of jobs available to felons vary depending on their previous experience and qualifications. Some of these roles include customer service representatives, warehouse workers, delivery drivers and even software engineers.

Amazon also considers non-traditional roles, such as military veterans and individuals with disabilities, for employment opportunities.

Amazon also provides support for individuals with criminal records through its Career Choice program. Through this program, Amazon pays for up to 95% of tuition costs for eligible employees who enroll in certifications or degree programs related to their field.

Overall, Amazon has taken great steps towards helping people with criminal records find meaningful employment opportunities. By doing so, they are helping break down the stigma associated with being a felon while giving them a chance at success in the workforce.

Conclusion: Amazon’s Second Chance program allows them to consider applicants with all types of felony convictions for various job positions including customer service representatives, warehouse workers, delivery drivers and software engineers. The company also provides support through its Career Choice program which covers up to 95% of tuition costs for eligible employees wanting certifications or degrees related to their field. Ultimately Amazon is helping break down stigmas associated with having a criminal record while giving felons an opportunity at success in the workforce.