What’s That One Creepy TikTok Song?

TikTok has become a popular platform for people to share short videos, music, and trends. But among the humorous dances and lip-syncing videos, there is a dark side to the platform.

In recent months, a creepy song called “What’s That One Creepy TikTok Song?” has been gaining traction on the app.

The song begins with a low-pitched humming that slowly builds in intensity before transitioning into an eerie melody. The lyrics are hard to decipher but appear to be about someone who is lost in time. The video that accompanies this song features a girl wandering around an abandoned building while visuals of clocks ticking and other mysterious images flash across the screen.

The song has become so popular that it has spawned numerous spin-off videos and remixes, some of which offer different interpretations of the original track. Some versions are more upbeat while others focus more on the darker elements of the song.

However, regardless of its popularity, “What’s That One Creepy TikTok Song?” still remains shrouded in mystery. Its creator is unknown and details about its history remain elusive. This only adds to its creepy vibe as viewers can never be sure what they will find when they watch or listen to it.


“What’s That One Creepy TikTok Song?” has become one of the most talked-about songs on TikTok due to its mysterious origin and eerie melody. Despite its popularity, however, details about this track remain scarce as its creator remains unknown. Whatever its true meaning may be, “What’s That One Creepy TikTok Song?” is sure to keep users guessing.