What’s the Best Free TV App for Android?

When it comes to streaming TV apps on Android, there are a plethora of options available. From the official apps of the broadcast networks to streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Prime Video, there are many ways to watch your favorite shows and movies. But with so many options, it can be hard to choose the best free TV app for Android.

One of the most popular free TV apps for Android is Tubi. Tubi has an extensive library of movies and TV shows from major studios such as Lionsgate, MGM, Paramount Pictures and Warner Bros.

While some of the content is ad-supported, there are still plenty of titles available without ads. Additionally, Tubi curates collections and recommends content based on your viewing habits.

Another great option is Crackle, which is owned by Sony Pictures Entertainment. This app offers a wide selection of movies, shows and original programming from Sony’s library.

As with Tubi, Crackle offers ad-supported content but also has some titles that can be watched without ads. It also features curated collections and recommendations.

For more specialized content, Pluto TV is a great option. This app offers over 100 live channels with news, sports, comedy and more.

It also has an on-demand library that includes movies and TV shows from major networks like NBCUniversal, ViacomCBS and WarnerMedia. And if you’re looking for something unique or niche then Pluto TV has you covered with its selection of indie films.


When it comes to finding the best free TV app for Android users have plenty of options to choose from. Tubi offers an extensive library from major studios while Crackle provides access to Sony’s library. For more specialized content Pluto TV has over 100 live channels as well as an on-demand library featuring movies and shows from various networks.