Where Is the New Amazon Distribution Center Being Built?

Amazon has announced plans to build its newest distribution center in the city of Cincinnati, Ohio. The new facility is expected to span across 500,000 square feet and will create over 1,000 new jobs for the local economy.

The new Amazon fulfillment center will be located in the Millvale area of Cincinnati where it will join other companies like Kroger, Macy’s and Procter & Gamble. The facility is set to open in 2021 and will be the company’s fourth distribution center in Ohio. It is estimated that it will bring an additional $50 million annually in terms of wages and benefits to the local economy.

The facility is expected to be a major boon for local businesses as well as residents. Amazon plans to invest $15 million into “infrastructure improvements” that would benefit the surrounding community. These improvements include roads, bridges, and sidewalks that would make it easier for those living near the new center to access employment opportunities.

Amazon also plans to create a number of on-site amenities that would benefit employees such as a fitness center, break rooms, and a cafeteria. The company has also committed to providing educational opportunities such as training programs for workers who are interested in advancing their careers at Amazon.


The new Amazon distribution center being built in Cincinnati is sure to bring economic benefits and job opportunities for the local community. With its planned infrastructure improvements and on-site amenities, this new facility could be a great asset for both current residents and businesses alike.