Where Is the New Amazon Warehouse in Ohio?

Amazon recently announced the opening of its new warehouse in Ohio. The warehouse, located in the suburbs of Columbus, is Amazon’s first major facility in the state and will serve as a regional hub for shipping products to customers throughout the Midwest.

The new 500,000-square-foot warehouse will create more than 1,500 full-time jobs. Amazon is investing over $100 million into the Ohio facility and plans to hire additional workers over time to meet customer demand. The facility will focus primarily on fulfilling orders for items such as books, toys, and electronics.

Amazon has already begun interviewing potential workers for the new Ohio warehouse and expects to begin operations by early 2021. The company plans to provide competitive wages and benefits packages for its employees, including health insurance and tuition assistance programs. Amazon also plans to offer job training for those interested in pursuing a career within its organization.

The new Ohio warehouse is part of Amazon’s larger effort to expand its operations across the United States. The company currently operates more than 175 warehouses throughout North America and is looking to add additional facilities in other states. This expansion will help Amazon better meet customer demand while creating thousands of jobs nationwide.

The location of Amazon’s new Ohio warehouse is yet to be officially announced but it is expected to be located in either Franklin or Delaware County near Columbus. With the opening of this new facility, Amazon will have a stronger presence in Ohio and be able to provide faster delivery times for customers across the Midwest region.

As one of the largest employers in America, Amazon’s investment into Ohio will help create thousands of jobs while providing customers with faster delivery times throughout the region. With its new warehouse located near Columbus, Amazon can better serve customers throughout Ohio and beyond while continuing its mission of providing quality products and services at reasonable prices.

Where Is The New Amazon Warehouse In Ohio? The location of the new 500,000-square-foot facility has yet to be officially announced but it is expected to be located in either Franklin or Delaware County near Columbus, Ohio by early 2021.