Who Is #1 on Spotify Monthly Listeners?

The title of ‘#1 on Spotify Monthly Listeners’ is highly sought after in the music industry. As streaming platforms have become increasingly popular, artists have vied for the top spot and the bragging rights that come with it.

Spotify keeps its exact methods of calculating monthly listener counts a closely guarded secret, but many speculate that its algorithm looks at factors such as total streams, total listeners, average streams per listener, and total time spent listening. This combination ensures that not only are the greatest number of people listening to an artist’s music, but also that they are engaging with it in a meaningful way.

Unsurprisingly, some of the biggest names in music currently hold the #1 spot on Spotify Monthly Listeners. In early 2021, Ed Sheeran held the title with over 3 billion monthly listeners. His catalog of hits and consistent relevance in popular culture ensure he will remain a fixture in this top spot for years to come.

Also no surprise is the fact that global superstar Taylor Swift holds multiple spots on this chart as well. Her vast discography and her recent move to re-release her albums has resulted in huge numbers over the last year and placed her second overall on the list with nearly 2 billion monthly listeners.

Other names rounding out the Top 10 include Drake (1.6 billion), Bad Bunny (1.4 billion), Justin Bieber (1.3 billion), J Balvin (1.2 billion), Ariana Grande (1.2 billion), Billie Eilish (1 billion), The Weeknd (890 million) and Post Malone (870 million).

It is clear that when it comes to who is #1 on Spotify Monthly Listeners, Ed Sheeran stands alone at the top while Taylor Swift and other major artists fill out the rest of this prestigious list.


Ed Sheeran currently reigns supreme as #1 on Spotify Monthly Listeners with over 3 billion monthly listeners, followed by Taylor Swift and other major artists rounding out the Top 10 list.