Who Is #1 on Spotify Right Now?

Who Is #1 on Spotify Right Now?

Spotify, the world’s leading music streaming service, is an ever-changing landscape of musical trends and artists. It’s no surprise that the list of who holds the number one spot on Spotify is always changing as well. As of the time of writing, the artist at the top of Spotify is Taylor Swift with her single “cardigan.”

Swift’s reign at number one comes as no surprise to many. After releasing her eighth studio album “folklore” in July, 2020, she has been on a meteoric rise in terms of popularity and success.

The album itself has been nominated for multiple Grammy Awards and has already earned numerous certifications around the world. With such a successful album launch, it only makes sense that Swift would be able to snag a number one single on Spotify as well. The track “cardigan” was released shortly after the album was launched and was an instant hit with fans, earning over 1 billion streams in less than six months from its release date.

It seems that Swift isn’t done yet either – she recently released her ninth studio album “evermore” which is predicted to be just as successful as its predecessor. With new music coming out so quickly, it wouldn’t be surprising to see another track from Swift at the top spot soon enough.

But even though Taylor Swift is currently holding down the number one spot on Spotify, there are many other talented artists vying for that same crown. From BTS to Drake to Ariana Grande, there are countless artists who could easily take over this top spot with one hit song or album release. It will be interesting to see where this list stands by this time next year – will Taylor Swift still be reigning supreme or will someone else have taken over?


At this moment in time, Taylor Swift holds the #1 spot on Spotify with her single “cardigan”. But with new music being released all the time from various other talented artists, it’s highly likely that this could change soon and someone else might take over at any moment.