Who Is Famous on TikTok?

TikTok is an app that has grown in popularity over the past few years and is now one of the most downloaded apps worldwide. It’s a platform where users create and share short videos, usually set to music, often with creative editing effects. While anyone can join TikTok, some users have managed to stand out and become famous on the app.

The most popular TikTok stars have millions of followers and some of them even make a living from their content. These are people who have learned how to use the platform to their advantage and know how to keep their fans engaged through entertaining videos, collaborations with other creators, and clever product placement.

Famous TikTok users often collaborate with brands or influencers in order to promote their products or services. This type of sponsored content helps them make money while also allowing them to share something new with their followers. Many well-known TikTokers also attend events such as conventions and festivals as part of promotion campaigns for various companies.

Some of the Most Popular Famous TikTokers Include:

  • Addison Rae: With over 70 million followers, Addison Rae is one of the most popular creators on TikTok. She’s known for her comedic skits, lip-syncing videos, and dance challenges.
  • Loren Gray: Loren Gray has been on TikTok since 2016 and now boasts 54 million followers.

    She’s known for her comedy skits, lip-syncing videos, and dance challenges.

  • Jacob Sartorius: Jacob Sartorius is another big name in the world of TikTok fame with over 48 million followers. He’s known for his comedic skits, lip-syncing videos, singing covers, and dance challenges.
  • Avani Gregg: Avani Gregg has been active on TikTok since 2018 and gained a massive following of 35 million fans in no time at all! She posts comedic skits as well as makeup tutorials.

These are just a few of the many famous people on TikTok who have earned millions of followers by creating engaging content that resonates with viewers all around the world. They continue to be some of the top influencers in today’s digital world due to their knowledge on how to use social media platforms effectively.


Who is famous on TikTok? Famous TikTokers like Addison Rae, Loren Gray, Jacob Sartorius, and Avani Gregg are some of the biggest names using this platform right now.

They’ve earned millions of followers by creating content that resonates with viewers all around the world. Through collaborations with other influencers or brands they continue to be some of today’s top digital figures