Who Is the Most Famous Dog on TikTok?

TikTok has become an amazing platform for dogs to gain stardom and express their personalities. Among the many canine celebrities, some stand out as the most famous and recognizable.

Doug The Pug is one of the most beloved dogs on TikTok. His videos have been viewed over two billion times and he has amassed over 6 million followers.

Doug is a lovable pug who loves to dress up in costumes, perform skits, and dance with his human mom, Leslie Mosier. Leslie’s videos featuring Doug often go viral, showcasing his adorable personality and comedic timing.

Cody The Corgi is another popular pup on TikTok. His videos have earned him over 10 million followers and he frequently appears alongside his owner, Kendra Pacelli. Cody’s videos feature his charming personality, adorable dance moves, and fun costumes that have captivated audiences worldwide.

Marnie The Dog is also a TikTok sensation with millions of followers around the globe. Marnie’s videos feature her inviting personality, funny reactions to everyday situations, and her amazing talent for learning tricks with her human mom Shirley Braha. Marnie has won hearts with her contagious smile and zest for life that shines through in every video she stars in.

The most famous dog on TikTok is undoubtedly Lil Bub. With over 17 million followers on the platform, Lil Bub has gained a massive fan base that loves her unique look and bubbly personality. Lil Bub’s videos featuring scenes from her daily life capture the hearts of many viewers who admire her special bond with her human dad Mike Bridavsky.

TikTok dogs are an amazing source of entertainment that people love to follow on their screens every day! From Doug The Pug to Lil Bub, these furry friends are sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face!

Conclusion: All of the furry friends mentioned above are incredibly popular on TikTok but it’s clear that Lil Bub is the most famous dog on the platform with over 17 million followers! Her unique look and bubbly personality have won countless fans around the world who adore her special bond with her human dad Mike Bridavsky.