Why Agust D Is Not on Spotify?

Agust D, a.k.a Suga of BTS, has recently released his second solo mixtape ‘D-2’ and it has taken the world by storm. Fans of the Korean pop sensation have been eagerly awaiting the release of Agust D’s new music, and they were not disappointed with what they heard. Unfortunately, despite its massive success, Agust D’s music is not available on Spotify.

The reason why Agust D’s music is not available on Spotify is due to the fact that he is signed to Big Hit Entertainment, BTS’ label. Big Hit does not have a licensing agreement with Spotify for their artists’ music to be streamed on the platform. Spotify requires that all labels and artists have a licensing agreement in order for their music to be streamed on their platform.

Big Hit has its own streaming platform called ‘Weverse’, where fans can stream all of BTS’ music including Agust D’s solo mixtapes. Weverse also has exclusive content from other artists signed to Big Hit such as TXT and Lee Hyun. It also offers exclusive merchandise and behind-the-scenes content from BTS.

Although fans may be disappointed that they cannot stream Agust D’s music on Spotify, there are still plenty of ways to enjoy his music. Fans can buy physical copies or digital downloads of his mixtapes from various online stores such as iTunes or Amazon Music.

They can also listen to it through streaming services like Apple Music or SoundCloud.


Agust D’s solo mixtapes are not available on Spotify due to Big Hit Entertainment not having a licensing agreement with them for their artist’s music to be streamed on the platform. But fans can still enjoy his music through other online stores or streaming services such as Apple Music or SoundCloud.