Why Are There No Garth Brooks Songs on Spotify?

When Garth Brooks released his album Scarecrow in 2001, he made the unexpected decision to not have his music featured on streaming services. This move was a shock to many of his fans, and it left many wondering why he chose to make this decision.

The answer to why Garth Brooks’s music isn’t available on streaming services lies in the artist’s own beliefs and values. Brooks has always been a staunch advocate of traditional retail outlets, such as CD stores, and believes that streaming services take away from the value of an album. He believes that fans should pay full price for an album, instead of just paying a small fee for individual songs.

Another major reason for the absence of Garth Brooks songs on streaming services is due to licensing issues. Streaming services such as Spotify secure licenses from record labels that give them the rights to stream songs from those labels. However, Brooks does not have any licensing agreements with any streaming service, meaning that his music cannot be streamed.

Garth Brooks is not alone in his decision to stay away from streaming services; there are several other artists who have also chosen not to make their music available on these platforms. These include Taylor Swift, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin and Prince.


The main reason why there are no Garth Brooks songs on Spotify is due to the artist’s own beliefs and values regarding traditional retail outlets. Additionally, licensing issues may also prevent some artists’ music from being streamed on popular platforms like Spotify.