Why Did Musical.ly Change to TikTok?

Musical.ly was one of the most popular social media platforms in the early 2000s. It was a platform where users could create short music videos, lip-sync, and share them with their friends. The app grew quickly and by 2016 it had over 200 million users and was valued at over $500 million.

However, in 2018, Musical.ly was acquired by Chinese tech giant Bytedance for a reported $1 billion dollars. Bytedance then merged Musical.ly with their existing video-sharing app TikTok. The result of the merger was TikTok, which is now one of the most popular social media apps in the world with over 1 billion active users as of 2020.

So why did Musical.ly change to TikTok? There are a few reasons why this transition occurred.

Firstly, Bytedance saw potential in merging the two platforms together and creating one unified experience for users across both apps. With the merger, users were able to access features from both Musical.ly and TikTok on the same platform – making it easier to navigate and find content they enjoy watching or creating videos on their own page.

Secondly, Bytedance wanted to expand its reach into new markets and attract more users to its platform – something that Musical.ly alone wasn’t able to do efficiently due to its limited user base at that time.

Finally, Bytedance saw an opportunity to monetize its user base by introducing ads on both platforms – something that wasn’t possible when they were separate entities.


In conclusion, Musical.ly changed to TikTok due to Bytedance’s vision of creating a unified experience for its users across both platforms while also expanding into new markets and monetizing its user base through ads.