Why Do Some WhatsApp Ticks Not Turn Blue?

WhatsApp is one of the most popular and widely used messaging apps that have been around for many years. It is loved by millions of people around the world for its ease of use, affordability, and its ability to connect people no matter where they live.

WhatsApp also offers a unique feature called ‘ticks’ which are small icons that appear beside messages to indicate delivery, read or heard status of the message.

The first tick appears when a message has been sent to the recipient. The second tick will appear when the message has been delivered successfully.

The third tick appears when the recipient has seen or read your message. This third tick will usually turn blue, indicating that your message has been read.

However, sometimes you may find that even after a long period of time, your third tick does not turn blue. This can be quite frustrating and confusing as it leaves you wondering why your message was not read. There are a few reasons why this may occur.

Network Issues:

One of the main reasons why some WhatsApp ticks do not turn blue is due to network issues. If there are problems with the network connection between you and the recipient, then it could prevent your message from being delivered or seen in time for the third tick to turn blue.

Phone Settings:

Another possible reason why some WhatsApp ticks do not turn blue is due to phone settings. Some users may have their settings set so that they are not notified when they receive a new message or if they have disabled notifications completely.

User Status:

Lastly, if a user is ‘inactive’ on WhatsApp (not online) then it could cause their ticks to remain grey as they are not able to receive or view messages until they go back online again.


So in conclusion, there can be many reasons why some WhatsApp ticks do not turn blue including network issues, phone settings and user status. It is important to remember that these issues can usually be resolved quickly with some troubleshooting steps so don’t give up hope if you find yourself in this situation!