Why Is Spotify Not on Mac App Store?

Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming services in the world, with over 200 million users. It allows users to access millions of songs from all over the globe and even create their own playlists with their favorite tunes. But why is Spotify not on Mac App Store?

The main reason why Spotify isn’t available on Mac App Store is due to Apple’s strict App Store guidelines. These guidelines are designed to protect customers from apps that could harm their devices or privacy. In order to be accepted into the App Store, developers must adhere to a set of rules that Apple has in place.

Apple requires developers who wish to distribute their apps on the App Store to use Apple’s payment system and also submit their apps for review before they can be made available for download. This means that developers must pay a fee and wait for an approval process before they can distribute their apps, which can be time consuming and costly. For Spotify, this process would not only be expensive but also difficult considering its subscription-based model.

Furthermore, Apple’s App Review Guidelines also prohibit developers from using their own direct payment systems within the app. This means that if Spotify were to be accepted into the App Store, it would have to use Apple’s payment system rather than its own. This could drastically reduce potential revenue for Spotify as Apple takes a 30 percent cut from all payments made through its platform.

In addition, there is also a competition issue between Spotify and Apple Music which could be another factor preventing Spotify from entering the Mac App Store. As both services are competing for market share, it would make sense for Apple not to allow its main competitor access to its platform.

Overall, there are several reasons why Spotify is not available on Mac App Store, most notably due to Apple’s strict guidelines and revenue concerns.

Furthermore, there may also be competition issues between Spotify and Apple Music preventing it from entering the store as well.


It is clear why Spotify is not available on Mac App Store; due to strict guidelines from Apple regarding payments and reviews as well as potential competition issues with Apple Music. As a result, users will need to find alternative methods of downloading and using Spotify on their Mac devices if they wish to do so.