Why Musical.ly Changed to TikTok?

When Musical.ly first came out in 2014, it was an instant hit amongst the teen population. The app allowed users to create lip-sync videos and share them with their friends. It quickly grew in popularity, becoming one of the most popular social media platforms for teens.

However, in 2018, Musical.ly was acquired by Chinese tech company ByteDance and rebranded as TikTok. This left many users wondering why the company felt the need to make such a drastic change.

The main reason for the change was because ByteDance wanted to expand beyond Musical.ly’s current user base and reach a wider audience. By combining Musical.ly with its own Chinese app Douyin, ByteDance created a new platform that could be used by people from all over the world. This gave TikTok access to millions of potential new users in markets where Musical.ly had not yet been able to penetrate.

In addition to expanding its user base, ByteDance also wanted to capitalize on the popular trends on both apps and create an even more powerful platform that could offer more features and content than either app could offer on its own. By merging Musical.ly with Douyin, ByteDance created a platform that offers millions of videos from both platforms combined, as well as additional features such as live streaming and editing tools that make it easier for users to create content quickly and easily.

Furthermore, this merger was also beneficial for advertisers since it gave them access to a much larger audience than either app had before on its own. This made it easier for them to Target specific demographics with their ad campaigns and helped them reach more potential customers than ever before.

Overall, ByteDance’s decision to merge Musical.ly with its own app Douyin was a strategic move that allowed them to significantly expand their user base while also providing advertisers with more opportunities for Targeted advertising campaigns and creating an even better platform for users around the world who are looking for fun ways to create content online quickly and easily.


The merger of Musical.ly into TikTok allowed ByteDance to capitalize on the existing popularity of both apps while also creating a much larger user base worldwide and offering advertisers more opportunities for Targeted advertising campaigns. By combining these two powerful platforms into one single platform, they created an even better experience for users around the world who are looking for ways to express themselves creatively online.