Why Telegram Better Than WhatsApp?

When it comes to instant messaging, both Telegram and WhatsApp have a large user base. Both services are great for making quick and easy connections with friends and family, but there are some key differences between them.


Telegram offers advanced privacy settings that allow the user to control who can see their messages, while WhatsApp doesn’t. This is especially important if you need to share sensitive information with someone. Telegram also offers an optional “secret chat” feature which encrypts messages end-to-end, making them completely secure.


Telegram offers a wide range of features such as group chats, voice calls, video calls, and bots. It also has an open API for developers to create their own apps and services that integrate with the platform. WhatsApp does not offer these additional features.


Telegram is widely considered to be more secure than WhatsApp. It has implemented several security measures such as two-step verification and end-to-end encryption for secret chats. These security measures make it difficult for anyone to access your messages without your permission.


Overall, Telegram offers more advanced privacy settings and security measures compared to WhatsApp. It also offers additional features such as voice calls, video calls and bots that make it a more versatile messaging service. For these reasons, Telegram is often considered the better option when it comes to instant messaging.