Will Amazon Refund Missing Package?

Missing packages are a common problem with Amazon deliveries. Many customers have experienced their packages being lost, stolen, or otherwise delayed.

Amazon offers a refund for missing packages, but the process can be complicated and lengthy.

If you suspect that your package has gone missing, the first step is to contact Amazon customer service. You can do this via phone, email, or chat support.

Amazon will investigate the situation and attempt to locate the package. This may involve contacting the carrier or other third-party services used to deliver the package.

If Amazon is unable to locate the package, they will offer a refund for the item. This may take several days or even weeks depending on the circumstances of the missing package. Refunds are typically issued in either a credit back to your original payment method or as an Amazon gift card.

In some cases, Amazon may require additional information from you before issuing a refund for a missing package. This could include proof of purchase such as an order number or photo ID. It is important to provide all requested information in a timely manner so that Amazon can process your refund quickly.


Amazon does offer refunds for missing packages but it can be a complicated and lengthy process. Customers should contact customer service immediately if they suspect their package has gone missing and provide any requested information quickly in order to receive their refund as soon as possible.