Will Train to Busan 2 Be on Netflix?

Train to Busan 2, the sequel to the hit 2016 South Korean zombie thriller, is set to be released this summer. The film promises to be even more intense and action-packed than its predecessor, as it follows a group of survivors trying to escape a zombie-infested train.

However, fans of the first movie may be wondering if they’ll be able to stream Train to Busan 2 on Netflix.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like Train to Busan 2 will be coming to Netflix any time soon. The streaming giant has yet to acquire the rights for the film, so it’s unlikely that it will be available on Netflix at launch.

That being said, there will still be plenty of ways for fans of Train to Busan 2 to watch it. The film is set for a theatrical release in South Korea this June, and many international distributors are expected to pick up the movie after its theatrical run is over. This means that viewers in most countries should eventually have access to Train to Busan 2 online or on DVD/Blu-ray.

For those who want an even more immersive experience, there are also virtual reality (VR) screenings planned for Train to Busan 2. These screenings will give viewers a chance to feel like they’re right inside the movie as they watch the action unfold around them.


It looks like Train To Busan 2 won’t be coming out on Netflix any time soon but fans can still watch the movie theatrically or look out for its subsequent release on other platforms such as DVD/Blu-ray or through virtual reality screenings.