Can Spotify Family Be Used at Different Addresses?

Spotify Family is a subscription service offered by Spotify that allows up to six members of the same household to have their own individual accounts. Each account can be used on different devices and each member gets their own personalised music experience.

The main advantage of the family plan is that it allows each member to have their own library of music, playlists and podcasts – but with a shared payment method. This means the family can enjoy a great selection of music without having to pay for each individual account.

But one of the biggest questions many people have about Spotify Family plans is whether they can be used at different addresses. The short answer is yes – but there are some important rules you need to follow.


First and foremost, Spotify Family plans are only available for members living at the same address. That means if you’re living in separate locations, you won’t be able to use the same plan.


However, if you do live in separate locations, there are still ways for you to use Spotify Family plans together. All you need to do is provide proof that all members actually live at the same address. This could be anything from utility bills or bank statements showing the same address.

Sharing Accounts

Once proof has been provided, all members can then share their accounts with one another. Each person will have access to their own library of music and playlists – but everyone will share in paying for the subscription fees.


Yes, Spotify Family can be used at different addresses – provided that all members can provide proof that they live at the same address. Once this has been done, all members will be able to share their accounts with one another and enjoy a great selection of music without having to pay for individual subscriptions.