Do Amazon Delivery Drivers Make Good Money?

Amazon delivery drivers are in high demand, as more and more people turn to online shopping for their needs. With the pandemic causing widespread disruption, eCommerce has become a staple in many households, creating an opportunity for those looking to make some money to become an Amazon delivery driver.
But do Amazon delivery drivers make good money?

The short answer is yes; Amazon delivery drivers can make good money. How much depends on the driver’s location, experience level, and hours worked.

The typical salary range for full-time Amazon delivery drivers is between $15 and $25 per hour — but experienced drivers may be able to make even more. Plus, there are other perks that come with being an Amazon driver, such as discounted gas and car maintenance services.

The amount of money one can make as an Amazon delivery driver also depends on the city they live in. Drivers in big cities such as New York or Los Angeles may make more than those who work in smaller towns.

In addition to their hourly wage, some Amazon delivery drivers also get tips from customers — though it should be noted that tipping isn’t mandatory. On average, most drivers report receiving tips of around $3-$5 per day from customers who appreciate their service.

In conclusion, Amazon delivery drivers can make good money depending on their location and hours worked. With a salary ranging from $15-$25 per hour plus possible tips from customers, it’s definitely a job worth considering if you’re looking for extra income or a full-time career.