Does Netflix Have French Movies?

Netflix, the streaming giant has certainly revolutionized the way people consume media. It has a huge catalog of movies and shows from all around the world in various languages.

So, does Netflix have French movies? Let’s find out.

What French Movies Does Netflix Have?

Netflix has a wide variety of French films available for streaming. It offers both classic films and modern films from France and its Francophone neighbors.

Some of the most popular French films on Netflix include classics like Jean de Florette, Amélie, La Vie En Rose, and The Intouchables. There are also several critically acclaimed modern films such as Call My Agent!, The Hedgehog, The Wave, A Prophet and many more.

What Other Types Of French Content Does Netflix Offer?

In addition to its extensive catalog of films, Netflix also offers a handful of original French series. These include Les Revenants (a supernatural drama), Marseille (a political thriller), Marianne (a horror series) and more.

There are also several stand-up specials featuring some of France’s funniest comedians.

Are There Any Free French Movies On Netflix?

Unfortunately, no – all of the content on Netflix requires you to have an active subscription in order to view it. However, there are plenty of free streaming sites that offer some French movies and shows for free.


Yes, Netflix does have French movies available for streaming. Many classic films as well as modern ones can be found in its catalog.

Additionally, it also offers several original series and stand-up specials from France. However, none of these require a free subscription in order to view them as they are all part of the paid service.